Saturday, August 8, 2009

TG-Racing Prelude

TG-Racing Endurance Racing Concept was my first introduction to Vinyl Graphics on a large scale. The project started as a group a friends in Japan with a limited budget.

 So the design had to be simple.

With limited time for application the car hit the track in the above spec. The lack of size was limited by the amount of vinyl the team actually could purchase.

It allowed .RSG. to learn about sizing and impact. The design continued to evolve as the TG-Racing prelude competed and became a class winning machine promoting Traqmate Japan and Newera Parts.

Battle damage allowed opportunities for repair and enhancement.

This basic helmet design was employed on driver helmets to complement other driver sponsors logos.

After some major contact the right side was replaced with much larger graphical representation. (still hand cut )

The prelude was a learning experience. A project with an extremely small budget, (less than $100) that was executed successfully .

Monday, February 2, 2009

NC Concepts

This Concept was produced around the same time that the NC2 was released. Just a bit of fun.