Saturday, May 15, 2010


 These liveries were a sample for a possible one make series for arrive and drive. Samples are for Country Specific drivers. I was thinking about the old days of F1 and the M1 support races. Current Support races bore me stupid.

I think you can guess the country colors for the Aussies.

BASF inspiration on this Japanese beast.

Nothing but Prodrive and the Brittish Racing Green for the UK guys.

These cars are space frame chassis cars with FD3s mounting points for suspension components. Wheels are open to a max of 18x11 with 265 S-tyres with a season supplier. Power comes from 4 rotor PP NA for simplicity. Body is BN Sports Base open to additional aero from selected RE-Xtreme designs. 15lap races with tyre wear at a premium in these controlled sliding 600hp monsters.


And a bit of silver pearl leaf white for the Kiwis

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


This livery is a re-creation of the Le Mans Efini 787B livery.

NewMan Jeans 962s were an amazing colour

The GULF GT40s also featured.

Marlboro is a simple statement of brand.

Castrol has appeared in all forms of motorsport. Super GT, WRC etc

The SA22 Daytona cars were a legendary work also.

Peter Styvesant Mazda SA22 became synonomous with Aussie Touring cars.

Sometimes the livery is art. Warhol LE MANS

My versions include inspiration from F15 Japanese Eagle squadrons.

Older JGTC Sports Sedan in Japan ran this on an RX3

And here is the modified base courtesy of BN Sports.

Powervehicles JZX100

D1SL Entry for 2011

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RE-Xtreme RC Division MS-E

It's not only full size race cars I design. RC cars require exactly the same philosphy to coherent design and colour balance.

Always starting with some layout work and vinyl cutting. Reverse masks can be made easily in vinyl also.

This livery combines some major components of the Mazdaspeed version from the early 90's with some Volk Racing signature colouring.

Monday, May 3, 2010

GT-Roadster NR Spec 666

GT-Roadster NR-Spec 666 Concept was the evolution of the NR-Spec design. Although it never became final. the concept was fun.