Saturday, September 17, 2011

.RSG. PV A.G. E.G.

What have I been up to recently, This is what. In early August I started to apply the decals to Emily's D1 Venus Challenge Entry.

However, with a busy schedule for all, it wasn't until September that the car went under it's full transformation.

The car (like any long campained drifter) was wearing some battle scars, so the vinyl helped cover some areas.

We also made some sponsor logos for the car and it's finished awaiting it's first event on Saturday & Sunday.

The other Powervehicles car is the JZX100.

Andy Gray recently won his first round in the D1 Divisional Series, so he has high hopes for this weekend at Ebisu Minami D1 Street Legal. Battling the D1 Drivers, it will be all in.

This car too wears some damage, so the design was a little changeable from the original.

 With the sponsor logos, it's looking good.

Two Monster Machines... Stay tuned for more photo's on the course.

See the car in action here.


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